Amaze Acquires Podcast Advertising Network

Mar 22, 2023

The following story was originally published in RadioInk.

Rockable ad banner

Branded content podcast producer Amaze Media Labs has a new tool in its belt. Amaze announced the acquisition of podcast advertising network Rockable on Wednesday.

“We quickly realized the single biggest challenge in this rapidly growing space is discoverability and reaching the right target audience to listen to the content we created”, said Amaze Founder Robert Tuchman. “Our team was fortunate enough to be connected with Rockable and the proprietary audience growth solutions they have developed over the past four years. Their programmatic DSP developed specifically for podcasters has enabled our clients to reach their exact target listener and guarantees that they drive downloads of their content.”

Rockable Founder/CTO Dylan Langlois added, “We have built a robust product pipeline and will be sharing some exciting new product announcements over the next few months as we look forward to continuing to ‘change the game’ for our clients and the industry.”