Building an Audience – Solving Podcasting’s Biggest Challenge

May 10, 2022

The biggest challenge many new podcasts face (after creating great content) is building an audience.   The podcasting industry has exploded these past few years with a quick rise in listenership. In 2018, there were only around a half-million podcasts in existence. Now in 2022, that number stands at more than four million! With that much competition, standing out is not easy. So now the real question is:

How Do You Build Podcast Audience in an Increasingly Crowded Marketplace?

Creating a marketing strategy around the release of each episode is critical. We develop custom strategies for each client at the episode level so they’re reaching their most engaged and enthusiastic followers and others in their target audience.  

Have a Budget

Like with most things in sales & marketing, brands need to allocate and spend real dollars if they hope to achieve a significant and meaningful amount of downloads. As a general rule of thumb, we like to tell our branded podcast clients to allocate 25 % – 30% of their total podcast budget to marketing.  

Know Your Target Audience

Before spending a single dollar on marketing, our team works closely with our clients to understand their target audience, establishing clearly defined objectives and achievable goals. Spending dollars to drive downloads does not make sense if you are NOT reaching the right audience.

Utilize the right Ad Technology

Not all advertising or marketing methods are equal. We needed a targeted and effective way to get our content where people are on the internet and, most importantly – remove barriers to get them to listen. So, we developed a programmatic demand-side platform that uses high-intent banners with built-in audio players. The machine learning technology uses our client’s audience profile to place these effective ads on high-traffic websites in front of those most likely to engage with it. Its unmatched performance allows us to guarantee results, solving the industry’s biggest challenge.