Choosing the Right B2B Podcast Agency

Nov 10, 2022

This blog post was originally published by Podchaser, on Nov 5th, 2022.

What is a B2B Podcast Agency?


A B2B podcast agency isn’t a one-size-all solution. What they offer to businesses varies.

So, before you start, ask yourself:

  • What is my goal?
  • What job(s) am I trying to get done?

Narrowing in on your objectives will help you find the right agency.

In short, start with your goal and work backwards to a solution.


What a B2B podcast booking agency can do for your business


  • Raise brand awareness
  • Grow your revenue
  • Repurpose guest appearances into high-impact content
  • Establish you as a thought leader in your industry/niche


Raise brand awareness


The right podcast booking agency can help your brand be seen, heard, and remembered.

But not every podcast is the right vehicle for getting your message out there.

You should expect a good podcast agency to ask you questions, learn about your goals, and understand your audience before pitching you to podcasts.

So, a stellar podcast booking agency is not just an “agent” — they will act as your strategic partner.


Grow Your Revenue


One of the reasons businesses approach podcasts is that they’ve exhausted traditional channels.

Another reason is that they’re looking to diversify their channel mix.

  • Today’s consumers aren’t just on Instagram, your website, or TikTok.
  • They’re in more places than ever before.
  • They are savvy researchers looking for the best solutions to help them get jobs done and fulfill their goals.

A strong B2B podcast agency understands this and looks at how podcasts can contribute to your overall success.

For example, they will ask you about your current clients, who your IDP (ideal customer profile) is, and your social media channels.

In other words, they see B2B podcast booking as a holistic strategy. They look for unmet opportunities to amplify your brand’s visibility and growth.


Repurpose guest appearances into high-impact content


A B2B podcast agency will do more than just book you on a podcast.

In short, they will help you maximize the value of your podcast experience. One way B2B podcast agencies do this through content repurposing.

They will take your podcast guest appearance and adapt it into other content formats. Repurposed content gives you a major advantage because today’s audiences aren’t in just one channel.

Examples of how to repurpose podcast content



Are audio snippets of a longer podcast episode. Use this content to draw people to your guest podcast episode. They’re also a great tool for podcasters looking to grow their audience.

Wolff Olins audiogram post
Audiogram example, Wolff Olins snippet

[Amaze Media Labs also recommends adding a video component for all podcast projects.] 

Social media posts


From tweets to sliders to polls and short-form videos, you can use social media to capture an audience’s attention. Social media posts can draw them to your guest podcast episode and website.


LinkedIn Poll
LinkedIn Poll: Turn a question asked on a podcast episode into a poll.
Tweets: Use tweets to share a quote, ask questions, poll your audience, and share insights.
Get smarter infographic
Infographics: Turn podcast insights and content likes 5 ways to [do something] into infographics to drive audiences to your podcast episode.


Need inspiration? Canva has social graphics templates that can inspire you.

Expert Tip: Look at people you admire on social media and take note of their strategies.


Blog posts


A podcast episode appearance is an excellent source for blog content. Whether you’re having a 15, 30, or 60-minute conversation, there are plenty of intriguing ideas, questions, and perspectives you can expand on in blog posts.


Podcast microphone

LinkedIn Articles
 can attract the attention of businesses and industry influencers.


For more SEO juice, adapt your podcast episode content into a blog on your website, Medium, and LinkedIn. You want to make sure your writing is original. Stick to the topic, but don’t use the exact words.


External Articles


Similar to podcasts, some media outlets welcome guest contributions. Use your podcast guest episode as source material for external articles. For example, if you went on a podcast to discuss the modern wine-making process, find a publication that aligns with that topic and write a guest article..


Wine-making process
External Article: Turn a topic (ex. modern wine making) into an article to get more eyeballs on your content.


So, if the publication allows it, link to your podcast guest episode and website.


Gated content


Turn your podcast episode into eBooks, webinars and playbooks. People who want your content will enter their information.


Salesforce ebooks
Use your podcast guest episode to develop future content like eBooks. If you gate these assets, you can get people to share their information with you.

Establish you as a thought leader in your industry/niche


The beauty of podcasts is that there is a niche for virtually every topic.

But a good B2B podcast marketing agency knows how to balance reach and relevancy.

For example, if you are a business with a brilliant, eco-friendly paint, they wont’ just say,
“Topic paint: Let’s get them on all the podcasts that talk about paint!”

Instead, they’ll want to know:

  • The backstory – The How/Why behind the story.
    For example: In the paint scenario, knowing how the product came to be opens up opportunities to guest on innovation or manufacturing podcasts. Especially if the product has a unique formulation or bucks the status quo.
  • The product’s unique features – How is the paint eco-friendly? What was the intent behind it?
    For example: The inventor had allergies or their customers loved their products, but wanted a greener option.
  • The target audience – Who is the brand trying to reach? What type of businesses?
    For example: Is the brand looking for large commercial businesses? Smaller-scale eco-friendly companies? Knowing your target audience is vital to your guest podcast pitching strategy.

The right B2B podcast agency, won’t just act as an agent. They will be your strategic partner and help you get the most value from this incredibly powerful medium.