Media Buying

The Amaze media buying solution ensures a brand’s audio spend is the most effective and efficient in the industry.

NO MORE buying audio based on just age, gender, and podcast genre as we build out the most comprehensive podcast-buying platform in the industry around enhanced data & analytics

Host Read Ads

Amaze has partnerships with 1,000+ leading podcasts for HOST read ads across business, tech, sports & entertainment, news, health & wellness.

Nielsen data from 2020 study “Host-read ads produce an average of 50% increase in the purchase and recommendation intent among listeners when compared to non-host read ads”

Hear it in action!

We created an integrated partnership between eBay and an episode of Team Whistle’s Making Bread podcast that included a preroll ad and featured a full episode with an eBay executive.


Our programmatic(DSP) utilizes machine learning and thousands of data signals to enable our clients to build a detailed profile of the exact audience they are trying to reach with their audio campaign.

We create custom ad reads and digitally insert them into top podcasts that align with your target audience.

Amaze also has the ability to re-target podcast listeners through highly targeted digital ads with a “call to action” which offers brands a cross-platform solution to engage consumers.


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