Special Offer

Through our collaboration with Megaphone, we are able to offer special pricing for their customers:

Guaranteed Listeners

Subscriber Campaigns

Enhanced Data & Analytics

Media Buying

Talent Sourcing

Production Services

Amaze & Megaphone have teamed up to help tell your story through audio.

Guaranteed Listeners

Reach the exact audience demographic you are seeking using our “one-click listening” ad tech. 

Our guaranteed performance technology will drive engagement using our high-intent banners with built-in players created specifically for both audio and video podcasts.

Subscriber Campaign

Awareness Campaign

Youtube Campaign

Example Podcast Player

Enhanced Data & Analytics

Discover who is listening when you receive detailed profiles of podcast listeners to generate new sales leads through our digital marketing campaigns.

Names and email address

Age, income, gender

Company names, job titles

Detailed location of listeners

Consumption habits of listeners

Potential match with LinkedIn profiles

Host Read Ads

“Host-read ads produce an average of 50% increase in purchase and recommendation intent among listeners when compared to non-host read ads”

Nielsen, Oct 2020

Get the most effective and efficient spend in the industry for your host read ads when you work with Amaze. We’ve partnered with 1,000+ leading podcasts for host read ads and sponsorships across Business, Tech, Sports & Entertainment, News, Health & Wellness, and more.

Hear it in action!

We created an integrated partnership between eBay and an episode of Team Whistle’s Making Bread podcast that included a preroll ad and featured a full episode with an eBay executive.

Production Services

Need help with creating a podcast? We partner with leading brands to help them tell their story and articulate their brand narrative through our turn-key podcasting platform.

Ideation & Development

Talent Sourcing & Coaching

Production & Distribution

Marketing & Content Support

Actionable Analytics

Drive Audience Growth

Talent Sourcing

Leverage our deep network of celebrities, influencers, and podcast hosts in genres around sports,  health & wellness, fashion or culinary, and so much more.

To learn more about how Amaze & Megaphone have teamed up to help tell your story through audio, please contact us.