Starting a podcast? Here are 40 tips that will get you on the right track.

Nov 23, 2021

  1. Pick a topic you are passionate about.
  2. Listen to lots of podcasts to see what you do and do not want to sound like.
  3. Niche is key to getting seen in a crowded field.
  4. Find a name that has good SEO.
  5. Start with a tagline and build content from there.
  6. Make sure your podcast art is easy to see as a thumbnail.
  7. Pick a format that you can do each time and is repeatable.
  8. Think about doing more than just an interview.
  9. Always record using a good USB mic and other quality equipment.
  10. Always record you and your guests in separate tracks for editing.
  11. When recording remote guests don’t use Zoom. Use something like Riverside, Zencastr, or Squadcast where you will get high-quality audio.
  12. Record video to use for social promotion.
  13. The first 60 seconds are key to grabbing a listener
  14. Save chit-chat for later in the podcast.
  15. Get to the point of each podcast early. Why are listeners here?
  16. Edit, Edit, Edit….
  17. Pick music that is not copyrighted. Pay for it to make sure it’s yours.
  18. Keep your episodes to 35 minutes and under.
  19. Make sure your guests always sign a release.
  20. Always finish with a good CTA.
  21. Pick a good RSS feed provider that will give you the metric you will need and want.
  22. Do a few episodes before you launch to get into a rhythm.
  23. Write good show notes that will help with SEO.
  24. Pick a release cadence you can live with. Weekly is a lot of work, know that.
  25. Be consistent and don’t miss weeks.
  26. Don’t look at your number for the first 30 days. Focus on your content.
  27. Engage your inner circle to help promote when you launch.
  28. Make sure to get reviews on Apple Podcasts.
  29. Engage on the social media your listeners use most.
  30. Promote with videos or headliners.
  31. Always add subtitles to your promotional posts.
  32. Post often and at different times of the day.
  33. Always include a link to the podcast on your posts.
  34. Pay attention to your completion rates to see how long people listen and to make adjustments to content.
  35. Treat every episode like it’s the first time someone will hear the show.
  36. Don’t get discouraged by low numbers.
  37. Think about paid promotion to get your podcast out to more people.
  38. Have guests from other podcasts and be a guest on others shows.
  39. Engage with the community you are serving with your podcast.
  40. This is the most important….HAVE FUN! Podcasting should be a joy to do, especially if you are not making money from it.

Matty Staudt is the EVP of Podcasting at Amaze Media Labs, Founder of Jam Street Media, and formerly the VP of Podcast Programming at iHeartRadio and a founding team member of Stitcher. He lives in Los Angeles and can be found on all social media @mattystaudt or by email,