Benefits of Branded Podcasts for Businesses

Nov 23, 2021

According to the Infinite Dial 2020 report, 57% of Americans over the age of 12 listen to podcasts, with 52% of users finishing a whole episode. By 2024, current estimates show that there will be 100 million podcast listeners in the US alone. Due to the sheer number of people enjoying podcasts, many businesses have found the allure of launching one.

Therefore, what are the advantages of podcasts, and how successful are they in boosting your brand’s awareness and sales, you ask? Learn how businesses can use podcasts and audio content to their advantage.

What is a Branded Podcast?

Once, branded podcasts were called “the ads people actually want to listen to,” but they’ve evolved into much more than that. A well-produced branded podcast may utilize a subtle tool for showcasing the business and increasing brand awareness, ultimately turning listeners into paying customers. Importantly, podcasts have the power of creating communities, which foster brand loyalty and guarantee long-term business success.

However, the crucial question remains: “How can a podcast help my business specifically?” Continue reading to learn about three tangible benefits of podcasts for your organization.

New Digital Touchpoint

Compared to traditional digital content, podcasts are different, as they are highly engaging and versatile, hence making a great extension to your company’s digital marketing strategy.

Podcasts are being listened to by 34% of people while doing house chores and 27% of individuals commuting to and from work, establishing them as a strong medium or the so-called new digital touchpoint. These listeners have an additional opportunity to interact with the brand as you give voice to the values and concepts you’ve been expressing via other digital channels.

Increased Brand Awareness

Podcasts allow businesses to reach a more extensive consumer base, which helps significantly increase brand recognition. As the Claritas study indicates, branded podcasts can increase brand awareness by between 24% and 79%, making them a highly effective tool compared with conventional media channels.

The use of branded podcasts is an authentic method to connect with your audience, which helps to create trust and a loyal following. As a result, podcasting generates more leads and places your brand in the thoughts of prospective consumers.

Anti-ad Consumer Market Segment Penetration

Podcasts are popular media for communicating messages because they are highly interactive. Due to the audio aspect, listeners tend to retain every word, making them an ideal audience for businesses looking to increase brand awareness. 

Sophisticated customers who don’t buy into blatant advertising are always difficult to reach. However, subtly and naturally incorporated podcast advertising is more persuasive than traditional written and visual content, thus being 22% more effective at converting even the most skeptical individuals.

As a result, branded podcasts provide an exceptional opportunity to engage with and build communities, thus boosting consumer trust and your company’s credibility.

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